Scary Quotes Proving You're A Terrible Homeowner

Before you grab the remote and turn on that classic horror movie marathon to keep your mind occupied, stop and think for a minute. Should you be watching TV or fixing up the place?

These Frightful Quotes Prove That Yes, You're Actually a Terrible Homeowner.

One, Two Buckle Your Shoe - And Finish Those Repairs

Remember that classic scene from Nightmare on Elm Street when Freddy takes over the video game and controls Spencer's body. How does it end? Spencer gets tossed down the stairs and falls into a pit at the bottom.

Statistics show that up to 55% of accidents take place in the home and as many as 30-50% of those could have been avoided. So if you still have that big pit at the bottom of your stairs that falls to the underworld, you should get that fixed before you have your own nightmare situation.

A room full of razor-wire? That seems a bit extreme. But you know what you probably do have in your home? Nails and staples that are not properly pounded in. Loose tiles and tricky door trim just waiting to snag a toe or rip open an elbow.

All it takes is a couple of run-ins with these tricky little traps to make home sweet home feel like a house of horrors.

Keep Them Locked Out

Are all the doors in your home in working order? Rusty hinges and broken doorknobs can lead to someone getting stuck in or out of a room. If it happens on Halloween, you know it's going to be scary.

Check your doors before you get stuck in the laundry room for days just trying to suck that butter out of your clothes.

What's creepier than Jack from The Shining trying to get into your house? Knowing that you don't have good locks and strong doors so he'll likely succeed!

According to the U.S. Department of State, "All entrances, including service doors and gates, should have quality locks--preferably deadbolt." Now, if Jack brings out the ax and starts hacking away at your door, you might want to move on to plan B.

Don't Trust Strangers

You're a trusting soul. That's sweet. Now stop. When someone rings your doorbell and introduces themselves this way, do not let him in. Allowing bloodsucking vampires into your home is generally considered bad form and highly dangerous to you and your family.

Instead, get a door with a peephole or a camera for the front so you know who's out there before you open that door. Don't fall for that "I've got a free gift for just 5 minutes of your time" shtick. There are some creepers out there.

Yikes! Be careful who you're mean to in your neighborhood. Frequently, when a home is burglarized, the perpetrator is someone who has been in the home before, doing repairs or pretending to be a salesman, or at least has met the owners.

So before you start tormenting that odd guy down at the hardware store think back. Didn't he install your flooring last spring? He knows your house. He knows where you eat and where you sleep. Be nice.

Take Care Of Your Pets

Nobody likes that house in the neighborhood with that big, uncontrollable dog. You have to scurry by and just hope the beast doesn't wake up and think you're a tasty treat.

Having a poorly trained or aggressive dog not only makes you unpopular with neighbors and the letter carrier, but your insurance company sees you and Fluffy as a big risk.

End The Mildew and Mold Marathon

Have you been ignoring that dank, mildew smell coming from the basement? You know that it flooded a little last week and now mold and mildew is spreading like wildfire. Not only does it stink like you're hiding a body, it's bad for your health.

Don't believe us? Just ask Mother. "Ummm...Mother?"

Stop Being Horrible. Or Don't.

It doesn't have to be All Hallows Eve for your home to feel like a house of nightmares if you aren't a good homeowner. Secure your home from burglars to keep your valuables and family safe. Make needed repairs in a timely fashion to avoid potentially serious injuries. Keep up to date with your home insurance. Oh, and never, ever, invite a vampire in for any reason.

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