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Reviewer Stephanie S.

“Progressive is awesome”

I have had Progressive for 8 years now and can not say enough good things about them! They are affordable, fast at processing claims, and have great customer service! I highly recommend them if you're looking for car insurance. @Progressive

Stephanie S.
Reviewer Sandy C.

“Go with State Farm”

I love StateFarm insurance and have been with them for 15 years. They care of all my needs quickly when I was involved in a car accident 9 years ago. @StateFarm

Sandy C.
Reviewer William


@Allstate is a fantastic company! They are always attentive to my concerns, and provide excellent customer service when submitting claims.

Reviewer Annberlynn B.

“Went with Progressive”

I loved getting my quote from Progressive, their commercials really do pull you in. I got the best deal I could afford! @Progressive

Annberlynn B.

Common Questions

  • Do all companies offer the same coverage?

    Yes and No. While you'll find the same types of coverage from one company to another, there can be big differences in services and pricing. Shopping around and getting several quotes can help you find the coverage, and company, that's best for you.

  • How much coverage do I really need?

    This is different for everyone. After the minimum required by your state and bank, the amount of coverage needed is based on your car, driving habits, and net worth.

  • What's the difference between collision and comprehensive coverage?

    Collision covers your vehicle when it's damaged on impact with an object such as another vehicle, tree, building or other item Comprehensive protects your car against many other things that could go wrong like vandalism, theft, fire or broken glass.

  • Can I change my coverage after I choose it?

    Yes. Most insurance carriers are flexible and allow you to change your coverage as needed.

  • What's better: a high deductible or a low deductible?

    This answer really depends on what's better for you. If your budget can handle paying potentially high unexpected repair costs out of pocket, then consider a high deductible plan. If you're concerned about unexpected expenses, a lower deductible plan might be right for you. Remember: lower deductible plans generally have higher premiums while higher deductible plans have lower premiums.

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